The New CalCurriculum Website Launches


March 20, 2023 Is a One-Stop-Shop for Adoption and Implementation Guidance

CalCurriculum is excited to announce the launch of its new website. This refresh  will provide education leaders in California with adoption and implementation guidance, independent reviews of instructional materials, and content-specific resources tailored to support California educators.

CalCurriculum is a grant-funded collaboration between Pivot Learning (now UnboundEd) and EdReports. This long-standing partnership brings together two organizations with expertise in high-quality instructional materials and curriculum adoption and implementation.

The CalCurriculum team has deep experience in leading high-quality instructional materials guidance and curriculum adoption work in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science.Right now, the California Department of Education is gearing up for the release of the new CA Math Framework. As more information comes out around this framework and future adoption list, will be a site California educators can rely on for up-to-date guidance and information to guide the next steps in your adoption and implementation journeys.

What’s New on the CalCurriculum Website?

New User-Friendly Interface and Navigation

The new website is easy to navigate, to help education leaders in California find recommendations and resources for curriculum adoption and implementation.

Improved Resource Library

The CalCurriculum team has added new materials to the resource library, created category filters, and made it easier to browse resources visually. The resource library also contains updated guidance on curriculum adoption and implementation, and is categorized by subject, including ELA and Math.

The resource library is specifically tailored to the context of students and educators in California. For example, because serving multilingual learners is a priority for districts across the state, we feature resources focused specifically on this student group in our resource library.

In addition, we’ve partnered with other organizations, including the English Learner Success Forum (ELSF) and EdSolutions, to produce a new set of review criteria for instructional material reports focused specifically on supporting multilingual learners. You can check out these California Math Multilingual Learner Reports on our Reports page and Blog.


The Go-To Resource for Education Leaders in California

Stay tuned to the CalCurriculum website as the release of the new California Math Framework approaches. We will continue to keep you updated on the process and provide guidance on instructional materials adoption and implementation once the framework is released.