Announcing the California Math Multilingual Learner Reports

September 28, 2022

EdReports, EdSolutions, the English Learners Success Forum (ELSF), and Pivot Learning all share a commitment to ensuring districts use high-quality instructional materials. Of particular interest to each organization is supporting multilingual learners (MLLs)* with high-quality instructional materials that address their linguistic and instructional needs. Together, the four organizations designed and oversaw a California-focused pilot review process to explore how existing, standards-aligned middle school math curriculum support MLLs. As with other EdReports reviews, the reviewers for this project were educators; for this pilot, all reviewers had experience in California and familiarity with California’s English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework. Publishers opted to participate in this pilot review process.

*“English Learner” is a United States Department of Education classification based on a student’s level of English proficiency. In these resources, we use the asset-based term “Multilingual Learner,” which includes English Learners, ever English Learners, bidialectical students, and may refer to students who are learning in English and those who are learning in a bi- or multilingual context.