Advancing Educational Equity with Standards Alignment in High-Quality Instructional Materials

December 7, 2021

High-quality instructional materials (HQIM) play a vital part in excellent instruction. In this video, part of our Curriculum Matters: Learning and Advocacy Series, Shannah Estep, EdReports Senior Outreach Specialist, discusses why standards alignment is a critical component of HQIM and why it’s crucial to growing educational equity for all students.

About Curriculum Matters

This no-cost workshop series, held in partnership with Pivot Learning,  The Education Trust-WestPartnership for Los Angeles SchoolsCalifornians Together, and the Loyola Marymount University Center for Equity for English Learners, invites folks to learn more about, and advocate for, high-quality curriculum and materials (HQIM) as a lever for educational equity.

In this workshop series, we explore HQIM and professional development for educators, with an emphasis on mathematics (given the schedule and focus of the California materials adoption process). With the expertise of our partners, we dive into the relationship between standards-aligned and user-friendly curriculum, excellent instruction for English Learners, and culturally relevant teaching.

Learning & Advocacy Series Sessions