About Our Reports

All materials on our site have been reviewed by the California Department of Education and/or for alignment to the standards and instructional shifts. The’s tool supports a sequential review process through three gateways. These gateways that reflect the importance of alignment to the fundamental design elements of the standards and alongside other high-quality attributes of curriculum as recommended by educators.

The Review Process

Gateways 1 and 2 focus on alignment to the standards. Are the instructional materials aligned to the standards? Are all standards present and treated with appropriate depth and quality required to support student learning?

Gateway 3 focuses on usability. Are the instructional materials user-friendly for students and educators? Materials must be well designed to facilitate student learning and enhance a teacher’s ability to differentiate and build knowledge within the classroom.

In order to be reviewed and attain a rating for usability (Gateway 3), the instructional materials must first meet expectations for alignment (Gateways 1 and 2).

Learn more about EdReports review process from this video and by visiting

Using Our Reports

To use our reports, focus on materials that are green in Gateway 1 and green or yellow in Gateway 2 as a way to identify a list of high-quality choices. You can find our recommendations for how to use these reviews in your adoption process on our About Adoption page.

Broadly, once your list of materials is narrowed to 3 – 5 options, read the reports more deeply to determine how well suited the materials would be for educators and students. When making a final decision, know that no material is one-size fits all and use the reports to highlight any local non-negotiables that might need additional attention in order to better fit your context.

Check out the CDE’s site for their list of approved programs