Re-imagining Your Math Adoption: Selecting New Materials for a Generation of Learners

September 23, 2022

Action on California’s new Mathematics Framework is delayed until 2023, but students deserve high-quality instructional materials now.

Whether your California district or Charter Management Organization (CMO) is gearing up to adopt off-cycle, or still deciding on your adoption timeline, we invite you to a no-cost (and stipended) two-session professional learning experience focusing on the math instructional materials adoption process.

Our workshop series is designed to prepare LEAs to:

  • Understand the urgent need for high-quality instructional materials for ALL students, with a focus on Multilingual Learners,
  • Lead a strong materials adoption process focused on the specific needs of the community with stakeholder engagement,
  • Build shared knowledge of the elements of high-quality instructional materials grounded  in the expectations of the content, and
  • Develop and clearly communicate plans for selection & begin to plan for launch and implementation of new materials.

January 25–26, 2023 in Orange County, CA*

Application Deadline Extended: December 16, 2022 (districts will be accepted on a rolling basis)

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Workshop Series Details

We will host two in-person synchronous sessions in Orange County, CA. Asynchronous work will need to be completed between sessions, including an onboarding webinar and pre-work prior to the first in-person session and an implementation off-boarding webinar at the conclusion of the workshop series. Districts and CMOs will receive a $1,600 total stipend if bringing a full team of 4-8 people, to help offset substitute coverage for teachers to be able to attend both sessions (January 25–26, 2023)*

These workshops offer educators the opportunity to learn best practices in choosing and implementing the highest-quality mathematics materials, which includes bringing a variety of stakeholders to the decision table. With that in mind, teams of 4–8 are recommended to participate, with the majority of the team being classroom teachers in the subject and grade level of your adoption.

Application Details

  • Application Deadline Extended: December 16, 2022

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*Districts are responsible for their own travel to the workshop site. Districts and CMOs will receive a $1,600 total stipend (paid at the end of the workshop series) to offset substitute coverage so teachers can attend both sessions. If you cannot bring a full team, you may be able to attend, without receiving the stipend. Please email info@calcurriculum.org, with any questions.