Centering English Learners in Your Instructional Materials Adoption

December 8, 2021

English learners make up 18.6% of California’s 6.2 million students. At CalCurriculum, we know that high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) must support these students throughout their K–12 experience. 

As we continue our year-long professional learning series focused on helping California districts, CMOs, and COEs select high quality mathematics materials, we were delighted to have English Learners Success Forum (ELSF) as our November special guest. 

ELSF shared their evidence-based tools for determining whether a curriculum meets benchmarks of quality for English Learners, through interactive activities. When planning your next materials adoption, we encourage you to use ELSF resources to support English learners in your classrooms.

As you investigate your materials using CalCurriculum reviews of instructional materials, it’s critical to make sure the materials reflect the California English Language Arts / English Language Development Framework and its key shifts, which are also reflected in ELSF’s Benchmarks of Quality, above.

To that end, the following CalCurriculum resource will give an additional high-level overview of whether your materials adhere to the ELD Framework, using CalCurriculum and EdReports reviews:

You can always find additional resources at, or email for individualized support.