Instructional Materials Guide Pilot

CalCurriculum invites California elementary school districts and charter management organizations (CMOs) to partner with us to examine their Language Arts materials.

CalCurriculum is excited to introduce a no-cost, grant-funded opportunity for California districts/CMOs serving transitional kindergarten through fifth-grade students to pilot a new, user-friendly guide to explore their Language Arts instructional materials.


This guide will help elementary instructional leaders answer the following questions about their materials:

  • What evidence points can you look for in your instructional materials that align with the guiding principles of effective literacy instruction for all students, including multilingual learners and language variety speakers, students with language-based learning differences (e.g., dyslexia), and students with developmental language disorders?


  • What resources can you leverage to ensure that this evidence shows up when implementing your materials in classrooms?
    • If your materials do not meet standards, what are your options?
    • If your materials are aligned, but you’re not seeing results in your classrooms, what implementation tweaks might you be able to make?


Our guide offers an entry point for improving literacy instruction, regardless of where user districts/CMOs are in their instructional materials journey. We frame multilingualism and language variety as assets and focus on the notion that instructional materials should include student-centered, grade-level, and standards-aligned learning practices to foster student engagement and social belonging, affirm student values and identities, and bridge knowledge to the outside world.


Participating districts/CMOs will pilot the guide at their sites in October 2024, and their feedback will inform how we improve and refine the tool. Each district/CMO will receive a $2,300 stipend. Click here to view our flyer.



To apply, please fill out our form.