Refining Materials Implementation

Instructional materials implementation is the complex process of translating standards into student learning. Implementation doesn’t stop at the selection of high quality instructional materials, but includes the communications and expectations for how they will be used and the support and professional learning that are wrapped around them.

Refining Implementation: A Guide to Implementing Instructional Materials in the Field provides specific, actionable tools to support your implementation. We know that each district has unique needs and our guidance focuses on developing high quality implementation supports based on district goals, needs, and priorities. By using our guide, you will:

  • Develop a collaborative, data driven plan
  • Learn about the main areas of implementation support
  • Align your work with continuous improvement strategies

In alignment with the Statewide System of Support and the California School Dashboard, our guide can be a Tier 1 strategy to ensure the materials you’ve adopted are accessible to teachers and students. Interested in more support? Email us at to request a workshop and check back in the spring for upcoming open workshops in northern and southern California.