Key Questions

  1. What do the evidence, the California Department of Education’s list and our reviews, say about each set of materials?
  2. Is there a foundational skills component and does it address the needs of your learner profiles?
  3. How could the identified strengths support your teachers’ understanding and implementation of standards-aligned materials?
  4. Have you read the Publishers’ Criteria for ELA Materials to understand the key characteristics that materials should have to meet the demands of the standards and the instructional shifts?
  5. Does the literacy approach meet the needs of your students with disabilities?
  6. Are the materials designed with English Language Learners in mind in the Tier 1 materials? Do the materials align with the California ELA/ELD Framework?
  7. Is there an ELD component and is it adequate for the EL programs your district runs? If it’s not, how might you supplement it?


Materials should embody the English Language Arts Common Core Standards Shifts: Complex Text, Evidence, and Informational Texts.

1Definitions from SAP

Support for English Language Learners should be woven into the design of the core materials and align with the types of programs your district offers.

A strong Foundational Skills component is essential in elementary instructional materials.