Why Instructional Materials Matter

We are at the start of a movement where districts, educators, and researchers are prioritizing the adoption of quality, standards-aligned instructional materials. These materials are the foundation that will provide equitable access to the grade-level content that all students deserve. A new wave of research indicates instructional materials have a significant impact on student outcomes:

Instructional materials can have as large an impact on student outcomes as teaching quality. Current guidance provided by the California Department of Education supports local decision making by including many state-adopted materials that districts can adopt. They have also provided adoption guidance and materials evaluation. And, they understand that adopting and implementing aligned instructional materials can be a critical equity strategy for districts to address California School Dashboard indicators.

However, districts can struggle to evaluate standards alignment and identify which materials best match district goals and needs. CalCurriculum’s goal is to help districts adopt and implement quality instructional materials by providing independent reviews, actionable resources, and guidance tailored to the California context. We’re here to help. 

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