Math Adoption Cohort

2021-2022 School Year

CalCurriculum is excited to offer an exclusive year-long, grant-funded mathematics materials adoption professional learning experience for districts and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs). 

Why: As recent research demonstrates, adopting and effectively implementing high-quality, standards-aligned materials can be a relatively low cost, high impact method of improving student outcomes. We know that each district has a unique context and we help districts develop high quality adoption processes based on their unique goals, needs, and priorities.

What: The Math Adoption Cohort will meet six times over the course of the 2021-22 school year. Districts will develop a plan for the adoption of standards-aligned, high quality math materials, including a change management strategy, instructional vision, and definition of quality in instructional materials.

Details: LEAs must be able to send a team composed of site and district-based instructional leadership, including teachers, to all six sessions. Due to the limited number of spots, we will be selecting districts based on their ability to commit to the team described above, among other measures. This workshop series is free and lunch will be provided during the in-person sessions. Participants will need to cover their own travel, hotel, and other incidental costs.

Workshop Series Overview:

6 synchronous sessions (4 in-person and 2 virtual) from October 2021 to March 2022. Asynchronous work will need to be completed between sessions, including onboarding for the first session.
● Tuesday-Wednesday, October 19-20 (In-person; Burbank, CA)*
● Tuesday, November 16 (In-person; Burbank, CA)*
● Tuesday, December 14 (Virtual; via Zoom)
● Tuesday, February 8, 2022 (Virtual; via Zoom)
● Tuesday, March 1, 2022 (In-person; Burbank, CA)*

*Currently, we are planning to host the workshops in-person, on the four specific dates listed above. However, especially during the global pandemic, we encourage you to follow your district’s travel policies and understand that all districts may not be able to attend in-person. If that is the case, we can work with your district to find an alternative so that you can still fully participate in the cohort. Please email us at Due to the evolving nature of the global pandemic, we will update all registrants if there are any potential changes in format by September 8. We also commit to following all local COVID-19 related guidelines and mandates (i.e., social distancing and mask usage) for any in-person engagements.

Meals: Lunch will be provided for each of the in-person session dates. Teams should make accommodations for other meals.

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What to Bring:

  1. Before attending the workshop, your team will receive pre-work (via email) to complete prior to each session.
  2. For the first session, please plan to bring data for your school, LEA, or county, depending on your role, that includes:
    • Math CAASPP scores;
    • Student enrollment (totals and demographics, English Learners, free & reduced-price meals, and special education) – much of this information can be found on;
    • Math personnel roles (coaches, teachers, curriculum specialists, etc.) and;
    • Your math professional calendar
  3. Your laptop and charger so that you can engage with online materials during the workshop.


  • Your team needs to be available to attend all six sessions (both in-person and virtual).
    • District/CMOs must be able to send teams of 4-8 people, including at least one member from each of the 3 categories:
      • District Leadership (Superintendent, CAO, Director of Curriculum, etc.)
      • School Leadership (Principals, APs, Coaches, etc.)
      • Classroom Leadership (Teachers)

Additional Information: If there is someone else you’d like to join you at the workshop, or if your plans have changed and you are unable to attend, please email Gavin Reagins at as soon as possible.

Adoption Guidance

Selecting instructional materials is one of the most critical decisions a district will make. Ensuring that those materials are aligned to California’s standards and meet the needs of your district can be overwhelming, particularly when examining a crowded marketplace. Our adoption guidance helps districts prioritize time while maximizing choice with actionable resources.



Identify your team, understand your district’s needs, define your adoption parameters, and gather data.

PDF resources

District Lens

This resource helps you identify district adoption policies and procedures, ground your work in data from prior adoptions, and establish indicators of success for the work ahead.



Based on data collected, set adoption priorities and build stakeholder buy-in through engagement and strong communications.


Parameters, Priorities, and Process

These documents will guide you through the process of establishing your adoption committee by: determining parameters, timeline, and budget; setting priorities; and selecting a decision-making process.



Using district priorities and evidence on materials, make a decision about which instructional materials are right for your district.



Use these guidelines to help make a final decision among your top choices for instructional materials.



Develop a plan for how you will roll out your new materials that includes a timeline for implementation, professional learning, progress monitoring, and stakeholder engagement.


Creating a Rollout Plan

This resource helps in planning how you will rollout your instructional materials adoption.